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1 General

1.1 This privacy policy (”Privacy Policy”) applies when Pitchler Global AB, Pitchler corporate identity number 559068-5961, address Domherrevägen 23, 352 42 Växjö, Sweden (”Pitchler”, ”We”, ”Us”) supplies you (“You”) with the website (the ”Website”) and the Service, as defined in Pitchler’s Terms of Service, retrievable via link.

1.2 By creating a user account for the Service and [ticking the “I accept” button in the user account set up process] on the Website, You agree that We process Your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1.3 We strongly recommend that You read this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding our processing of Your Personal Data (as defined below), You are welcome to contact us via mail to

2 Processed Data

2.1 Information that is directly or indirectly referable to a natural, living individual is personal data (“Personal Data”). For example, the name, phone number, e-mail address, social security number, geographical position of an individual or biometric information about an individual, such as e.g. blood type or health information, may be Personal Data.

2.2 When signing up for the Service and in order to create a user account, You may choose to use a third party service (such as Facebook, LinkedIn or G+) or create completely new log-in credentials (user name and password).

2.3 If You choose to create new log-in credentials, Pitchler collects and process the following Personal Data from You when You sign up for and use the Service:

· Name (name and surname)

· Postal address and e-mail address

· Date of birth

· Phone number
Professional details, such as your employment history and professional qualifications and /or experiences

2.4 If you choose to use a third-party service, Pitchler collects and process some of the abovementioned Personal Data from the third-party service of your choice (such as Facebook, LinkedIn or G+) when You sign up for and use the Service. Any of the abovementioned data that may not be retrieved from the third party service should be submitted by you directly, upon our request. You hereby agree to Pitchler’s collection of the abovementioned Personal Data, either directly from You or from the third party of your choice. If You do not agree, you should not use our Service.

2.5 In addition to above stated processing of Personal Data, Pitchler will automatically collect certain information that is attributable to You when You use the Service. This information includes:
Information about Your use of the Services,
Technical data, including IP address, mobile service operator, unique device number attributable to your device (e.g. computer, phone, tablet), network and computer performance, browser type, language and your operating system.
Geographical location of the means and devices by which You access the Service.
2.6 Pitchler also collect information by using other types of technology, such as cookies, pixels and local storage (on e.g. browser or technical device). If You would like to know more about how We use these technologies or learn how to limit our use thereof, please see Chapter 8 below. You hereby agree to Pitchler’s collection of the abovementioned Personal Data. If You do not agree, We ask you to not use our Service.

3 Purposes of processing Your Personal Data

3.1 Pitchler process Your Personal Data for the following purposes:
To provide, manage, develop, customize and improve the Service and its various functionalities,
To manage the user relationship with You, including communication concerning the Service and its existing, or future, features,
To meet safety requirements and various statutory requirements following from law, regulation or decision, injunction or otherwise communication by court or public authority.
To perform customer and market analysis, market research, statistics, business monitoring and business development,
To provide you with information and direct marketing of similar and additional services or offerings from Pitchler or any of its subsidiaries or partners.
To analyse your, as well as other users’, aggregated and anonymized use of the service,
To transfer to third parties for their supply of services to us, analysis of the information for the purposes of matching and offering of various job opportunities and/or direct marketing actions for services, products or offerings by third parties. For more information about this, please read Chapter 4 below.
3.2 If You do not want Us to send you any direct marking actions, you may opt- out from by sending us written notice to or by following instructions set out in e-mail newsletter from us.

3.3 Please note that Pitchler may use sub-contractors to carry out their business operations and/or to fulfil the purposes set out in this Chapter 3. For more information concerning sub-contractors, please read Chapter 5.

4 Third party processing of Your Personal Data

4.1 As stated in Chapter 3, one of our purposes with collecting Your Personal Data is to transfer it to third parties for the following purposes:

· To provide you with integrated services in the Service, or services that in other ways support Your use of, or subscription to, the Service, such as matching of employment opportunities, customer support and/or online chat-system.
Third parties’ analysis of Your Personal Data and communication to You of employment- or job opportunities of various sorts.
4.2 Third parties to which Pitchler transfer Your Personal Data may have their place of residence, or otherwise perform their business operations and/or services, within as well as outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Consequently, any Personal Data transferred to such third party may be transferred to, and stored in, a country outside the EEA. As a result, You may have less legal rights in relation to Your Personal Data. When accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree to such transfer outside the EEA.

4.3 You hereby acknowledge, understand and agree to Pitchler’s transfer of Your Personal Data to third parties in accordance with above statement. Moreover, you understand and agree to that the privacy policy of third parties will govern all use of information provided to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

5 Pitchler’s Subcontracting Data Processors

5.1 With regards to the Personal Data collected in accordance with Chapter 2, Pitchler determines the purpose and means for processing. Consequently, Pitchler is legally defined as a data controller (“Data Controller”). Pitchler may choose to use additional services by third parties to supply the Service or otherwise to perform the activities needed to fulfil the purposes of processing Your Personal Data. For example, this may be IT suppliers, server suppliers, digital analysing tools etc. Any subcontracting party that is provided with access to Your Personal Data is legally defined as a data processor (“Data Processor”).

5.2 Pitchler may share Your Personal Data to Data Processors for the activities and purposes described in Chapter 3.

5.3 Personal Data may also be disclosed if it is necessary to comply with applicable legal requirements or requirements from authorities, to preserve our legal interests or to detect, prevent, or pay attention to fraud and other security or technical issues.

5.4 Pitchler’s Data Processors may have their place of residence, or otherwise perform their business operations and/or services, within as well as outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Consequently, any Personal Data transferred to a Data Processor may be transferred to, and stored in, a country outside the EEA. As a result, You may have less legal rights in relation to Your Personal Data. When accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree to such transfer outside the EEA.

6 International Transfer of Your Personal Data

6.1 We strive to, at our best efforts, achieve and uphold an adequate level of integrity for Your Personal Data, as required by law. To the best of our efforts, we store Your Personal Data in encrypted form and where applicable, we use modern web connection encryption and authentication methods like TLS/SSL

6.2 Some of Pitchler’s Data Processors or third parties to which we transfer Personal Data send and/or store data outside the EU/EEA. Consequently, Your Personal Data may be transferred to, or stored in, a country outside the EU/EEA. However, it is always the data controller of Personal Data that is responsible for the Personal Data.

6.3 By accepting this Privacy Policy, You acknowledge, understand and agree to international transfer of Your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

7 Deletion of Your Personal Data

7.1 We strive to limit our processing of Your Personal Data. Should you choose to delete your account/subscription to the Service, we will delete Your Personal Data after 2 years. The purposes for why we keep Your Personal Data for this period of time is to ensure that users do not systematically create multiple accounts for the same individual in order to circumvent undesired circumstances, such as having developed a bad reputation or, where applicable, payment plans.

8 Cookies

8.1 Cookies. Like many online services, we use cookies to collect information. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that a website sends to your computer’s hard drive while you are viewing the website. We may use both session Cookies (which expire once you close your web browser) and persistent Cookies (which stay on your computer until you delete them) to provide you with a more personal and interactive experience on our Website. This type of information is collected to make the Service more accessible and useful to you and to tailor the experience with us to meet your special interests and needs.

8.2 If you do not wish us to use cookies to improve your user experience you can easily turn it off. Your web browser allows you to manage your cookie preferences. You can set your browser to refuse cookies, or delete certain cookies. Please bear in mind that the Service may not function as intended on most web browsers if you choose to limit or block cookies.

8.3 If you want to, several browsers allow you to only turn off tracking. This means that we do not co-process the data from our own and our partners’ web pages.

8.4 Google Analytics. We analytics services, such as Google Analytics, to help analyze how users use the Website. Such services may use cookies to collect information such as how often users visit the Website, what pages they visit, and what other sites they used prior to coming to the Website. We use the information we get from the analytics services only to improve our Website and the Service.

Google Analytics collects only the IP address assigned to you on the date you visit the Website, rather than your name or other personally identifying information. Pitchler does not combine the information generated through the use of Google Analytics with your Personal Data. Although Google Analytics plants a persistent cookie on your web browser to identify you as a unique user the next time you visit the Website, the Cookie cannot be used by anyone but Google. Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to the Website is subject to, and restricted by, the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

9 Changes to this Privacy Policy

9.1 If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by publication on the Website. For material changes, we will also provide you with prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances (e.g. by e-mail to you submitted contact e-mail address) and, where required under applicable law, ask for your consent.

10 Miscellaneous

10.1 The Data Controller is responsible for ensuring that Your Personal Data is treated in accordance with applicable legislation. Once per calendar year, You are entitled to, by signed application, obtain a transcript of our processing of Your Personal Data, free of charge. Please send any such request to e-mail address:

10.2 We will in our sole discretion, or upon Your request, correct information that is found to be incorrect or misleading.

10.3 Pitchler has the right to assign and subcontract its rights and obligations, including a right to subcontract the performance of their duties, following from this Privacy Policy.

10.4 If the ownership of Pitchler’s business changes, Pitchler reserves the right to transfer and assign your information, including your user account and your Personal Data, to the new owners, or partners thereto, regardless whether they are resident and having business operations within or outside of the EU/EES, so they can continue the Services. This includes any assignment to a company within Pitchler’s group of companies, including an owner of, or subsidiary to, Pitchler or to a company that is not owned by, or otherwise affiliated with, Pitchler. Any new legal entity will still have to honour the commitments Pitchler have made in this Privacy Policy.

10.5 This original version of this Privacy Policy is written in English. Should any translated version of the Privacy Policy conflict with the English version, the English version shall prevail.