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Video references

Collecting references is a laborious activity and so is relying on them. With our video reference service, you can let candidates/consultants create video references where you can form an opinion about the person you are going to call and the validity of the reference. This will give you a huge advantage over your competitors and offer your customers to see the person’s references in a whole new way.

Faster and more efficient

By using video references on your profiles, the work of finding a suitable candidate will be accelerated. Of course, this can also be used with satisfied customers together with our Presentation Service.

The goal is to increase the power of your colleagues to get maximum exposure from your customers.


Video gives personality and through references it will get even stronger.

Combine services

The service can be used in many different parts of the business.

Work more efficiently!

Time is money for everyone involved and through our service you will work more efficiently.


Of course, personal data is important to us. Everyone can choose to no longer be present at any time.

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