Personality matters

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Today, in an increasingly fast-paced reality, competitiveness is increasingly important, with employees playing an even more important role. At a time when it is difficult to find the right candidates for the right workplace, when the market is dysfunctional and when expectations are becoming increasingly important. There are many different ways to find the right staff today and it is becoming increasingly important to find the right personality, attitude and skills at the same time. Competence can be developed, but personality and attitude are more difficult to change.

Today, people stay shorter in their employments, which places higher demands on the on-boarding process for new employees becoming increasingly important, therefore it is very important to get the right expectations from both employers and jobseekers.

We have the solution!

Pitchler supports your current processes and systems by prioritize the personality early in the process through, for example, video. Our video concept with a “Reality” perspective also applies to the employer, where we propose a video that shows what expectations are required, what the work environment looks like and which people you will work with.

We offer a functionality where you can invite recruiters that can help you doing your selection if you may not have time.

Of course, everything can be adapted to your graphic profile and process.

We can also help you be seen on social media with our partners who offer automated advertising. We can help you produce videos that follow our “Reality” concept to set expectations on both sides, candidates and workplace.

Quick selection

By using video and personality tests, you get a quick overview of the candidates.

Spend the right time on the right candidates

By making an early selection of personality, you can continue to work in your HRM with the right candidates and spend time on the right things.

Updated profiles

By using updated profiles the processes become faster.


We have automated and simplified so that all candidates receive feedback!

Work effective!

Time is money and time is important to all parties in most cases.

Fast communication

Our fast channels with the candidates makes the process effective.

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