Personality matters
Product / Service

Profile platform

Pitchler is a profile platform where your employers, candidates, trainees or consultants have a profile that can be marketed, be sold in or updated either completely stand-alone or directly against your HRM system. The goal is for you to decide where the data source of the profile should be located and we have extensive experience in integrations and running IT projects.

Contact us and we can tell you more about the possibilities that exist. You can buy the platform as a service or buy your own instance of the platform that we help to get started with inside your business where the ownership is transferred to you.

Business benefits and flows

For us, your business is central and together we review your processes and flows to optimize our platform for your business. Our goal is for you to get the services you want to get into your current processes and systems and to get the most out of your work from Pitchler’s profile platform.

Quick adjustments

We offer quick adjustments for your company through our services.

Modern solutions

Our solutions are the future and we are constantly working to update them.

Cloud based

Of course we are accessible everywhere.

Tailored to your processes

Our services are created to fit in to your processes and systems. Let us help you to optimize your company.

New channels

We offer new channels for you to communicate and reach new target groups fast.

New target groups

Modern solutions that offer access to new target groups that have different requirements.

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