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Personality Matters
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Work is a team effort

Pitchler wants to change the labour market and revolutionise the way companies recruit today. Our platform will help more people to enter the labour market faster and contribute heavily to a more sustainable society where a person’s character and willingness to work really makes the difference. We help young people find their first and second jobs as they get a greater chance to meet the right company. We help companies to find the right people faster through a more efficient recruitment.

Personality takes up more space in today’s media noise and it becomes more important to stand out as a candidate. Pitchler empowers both companies and candidates to highlight their personality.

  • State of the art platform that caters to everyone
  • Getting the right person in the right place at the right time
  • Personality makes all the difference

Find the right candidate for your team

Choosing the right person with the right attitude and personality for any team is more important than choosing for the person with the CV that had better skills. Personality is taking up more and more space in today’s society and in the workplace. Our open work landscapes highlight even more the importance of bringing in the right mix of personalities and building the perfect team.

Smart profile platform

Pitchler builds a profile platform and generates products based on it. Recruitment, marketing, sales, coaching, information … the list is endless. At the base of it all, profiles must be managed, updated, marketed… .  We build the platform of the future for your employees, candidates, consultants, trainees and more.

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How it works

Every hour, day and month, all year round, new contacts are mediated via Pitchler’s profile platform. Qualitative contacts that result in new opportunities through companies, HR and employees gaining new colleagues. Applicants with unique profiles find their way into completely new positions. As a result, we at Pitchler can continue to finetune the platform according to your wishes and needs.