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Mobile app

Do you want to reach out faster with information, activities and assignments? We have the solution!

Today, in an increasingly fast-paced reality, competitiveness is becoming increasingly important. If you want to reach out with information that is important, training materials, activities, etc., a mobile platform is the way to go.

By working with push notifications, we can get valuable information and communication quickly to your candidates.

Your training or forms can be handled inside the mobile app in a simple and smart way.

Get in touch and we can tailor the mobile solution to your needs.


A customized mobile app connected to your HRM and optional accessible IT systems. To get a new channel with your information that reflects your website or special campaigns where you want to reach new target groups, our mobile app is perfect to use.

It will of course be in your brand on your Google Play and App Store account to increase your branding. If you do not have one, we will help you get started and if you have developers, we can offer a solution where you take over the app under your own auspices.

The mobile app can be integrated directly into your systems, provided the opportunity exists. The source of all data must of course be with you.

We have extensive experience in integrations and running projects. We review your landscape and what communication you want to get out in the mobile channel. Get in touch and we will discuss the possibilities.

Our profile platform is underlying, if you want to work with coaching, trainees, candidates or consultants to quickly get information or get updated profiles.

The possibilities are endless and limited only by our own thoughts.

Do you want to be contacted?

If you want to know more about our mobile app, book a demo and we will show you how we are thinking!

Quick adjustments

We offer quick adjustments for your company through our services.

New target groups

The mobile app offers access to new target groups that have different demands.

Tailored to your processes

The mobile app should fit into your processes and systems. Let us help and optimize your business with a new channel.

Increased branding

A mobile app of course gives start employer branding and shows that you are at the forefront of the times.