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Simplified competence management

Chasing after information about a candidate, consultant or applicant is a time consuming endeavour. We have put together a simple solution so that each individual can update their profile so you keep a high quality of updated profiles.

An easy way to be a little better than all competitors.

Faster and more efficient

By letting your candidates, consultants and employees manage their own skills, it becomes more time-efficient for more people to do a little instead of one doing a lot.

The idea is that the competence profile is kept up to date with simple information and, if necessary, a more detailed description of the competence profile can be updated in the traditional way.


Video gives personality and through references it becomes even stronger.

Combine services!

The service can be used in many different processes in the business.

Be efficient!

Time is money for everyone involved and through our service you will work more efficiently.


Of course, personal data is important to us. Everyone can choose to no longer be present at any time.

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