Personality matters

Recruiting sales personnel is difficult and time consuming. Big staff turnover means that the time required for each failed recruitment is expensive. Expectations are usually the biggest reason why employees quit the call center because they do not feel that the job was as they intended, i.e. they had the wrong expectations.

Call center

The right personality and attitude are of course very important for a person who should sit in a call center and talk to people on the other handset. To have a good voice and alert voice to be able to sell a product or have a calm and sensible attitude when solving problems for a customer. Video and personality tests provide answers to many of these questions before you even need to look at a resume, which is the most time consuming.

  • Digitalization, less manual work
  • Modern solutions adopted for the younger generation
  • Video and personality test gives as faster overview

The Challenge

Finding the right person for the right customer who stays as long as possible is of course the goal of hiring staff, but a mistake can be very costly. Working with manual processes to get the right person with updated information is a challenge. The personality behind the CV is the most difficult to get through an email or phone call and at the same time know that the person will work in the new group with the new tasks. Many uncertain factors!

The Solution

Pitchler supports your existing HRM systems with faster, more modern and changing solutions that offer you to capture the needs of the app generation, coach your candidates and work with selection so that only the profiles that are relevant enter your HRM system. We also offer an easy way to present your company, your sales people and candidates in a nice way.

Of course, everything can be adapted to your graphic profile and process.

How we do it!

Every hour, day and month all year round, new contacts are mediated via Pitchler’s profile platform. Qualitative contacts that result in new opportunities through companies, HR and employees gaining new potent colleagues. That applicants with unique profiles find their way into completely new positions. As a result, we at Pitchler can continue to refine the platform according to your wishes and needs.

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