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Social media service

Want to optimize visibility without having the deep knowledge or don’t have the time to handle the work?

Technology is constantly in motion and time is becoming more and more important for everybody. You need to know everything to be able to succeed. Therefore, we have solved one of the problems that exist today in managing social marketing via a partner who has fully automated the process and management.

We have a solution where you can easily set the scope and focus and our automated engine solves the rest of the work.


By simply choosing a package yourself, you can gain control over both the costs and who you want to reach. We have chosen to go with three simple packages where you add a fixed amount per package. You choose yourself in a simple interface who, where and what you want to say in your campaign.

Of course, we have competent colleagues and partners who can help with what you need, maybe you need help with the advertising itself or photos and videos for the campaign.


Do you want more information?

If you want to know more about our Social Media service, book a demo session with us!

Fixed prices

Take control over the cost of advertising!


Of course, you get reports on how the ad is doing and what the results were in KPIs.

Make time for other things!

Through the automated engine that handles the ad when the parameters change, you can sit back and do other things.

You do not have to have the competence

Marketing skills can be difficult to find and if you only have a small part of the work within the company, it will be a saving.