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Kickstart your recruitment in 2021!

Our platform eases your work from received application to interview of a candidate. It will increase speed and ease of the administration burden. Pitchler support candidates to create “ready-to” interview profiles, and you as an employer don’t have to chase the candidates for more information. The right person with the right competence and attitude for the right job!
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Personality matters

Working with profiles is important both to be able to stand out in the crowd and to be able to work in a modern and digital way.

Our goal is to support your processes and HRM so you get the right profiles, manage them quickly and get the right profiles that are up-to-date.

It is hard to reach everyone!

How do we get the right applicant?

  • Mobile solution
  • Manage expectations for both candidates and companies
  • Meet the candidates in the right tunnel
  • Tags, Pitch & Video increase hit rate

Work with profiles in multiple channels with one source, either in your HRM system or Pitchler. Simplify updating, job search and avoid much of the manual work of chasing candidates.

New industry standard

Simplified solution

  • Do you want a stand-alone solution?
  • Do you need integrations to your HRM?
  • Pitchler saves time and money!

Our developers have extensive experience of integrating with other systems and building secure code. We have a high standard of security. Your data is safe with us.

Industry specific solutions

Temp Agencies

Temp Agencies are facing major challenges and opportunities in a future.

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Call center

Recruiting salespeople to handle customers on a phone is very difficult and time consuming. Large turnover of staff means that the time required for each failed recruitment can be expensive.

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Consultant brokers

Consulting brokers are in a tough year 2020 according to the expertise, where there will be long discussions about lowering price levels. This means that it is becoming increasingly important to be able to compete in the market. GDPR, outdated working methods and IT systems have made many people need to renew themselves.

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Service sector

The service industry is by far the largest employer in many countries. Many of the services are based on selling a person to perform a service at an end customer. In order not to be overtaken by competitors and stand out, you will be required to think about how to be able to digitize and innovate your business.

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The health care & nursing industry

In the health and care industry, they are facing major challenges due to an aging population and declining skills supply. There is a high level of sick leave and a high turnover of staff. These jobs are also one of the jobs most sought after by young and uneducated people, which makes the personality to fit into the business very important.

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You will get all possibilities with our

Powerful admin tool

We are constantly building new services when we see customer needs or at the request of our customers. If you have a good idea or thought, get in touch!

  • Personality tests
  • Video references
  • Candidate/Consultant CRM
  • Digitalized Company Presentation
  • Minimize handling of "wrong" profiles
  • Automatized social marketing
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